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Anonymous asked:

hi 18 year old male here, Birmingham. Looking to meet any BBWs that are up for it :) could you help?!

Being 18years old, I don’t expect you to know this, so here’s some wisdom beyond your years. Women are humans. Burping, scratching, peeing, pooping, farting, eating, drinking, happy, sad humans just like you. And just like women come in all shapes, they come in all emotional states too: Jerks, nice, devious, assholes, sweet, and just like guys there are women who will have sex with anything that moves. I’m assuming that’s what you’re looking for. Want to find them? The best way is to talk to them. Just as you talk to different guys till you find one that clicks and you’ll become friends, do that for women. Try the internet if you’re scared to go out in public.
Just remember these rules for this situation and life in general.
* A slutty woman (any woman)is different than a prostitute. It’s not a business transaction so don’t approach it that way. (Here’s money… sex now. Talk for ten min…. send nude pic) No. They want and deserve love and especially respect too.
* This is important. Just because a woman likes to be nude or show her breast does not make her a slut. It means she likes to be nude or show her breast. Have you ever had your shirt off in public? Rather you want to or not, does that mean you’re sleeping with 10 different women? No. So don’t apply that to women.
* Be confident. It’s a common misconception, but many slutty women aren’t emotionally damaged, in fact they have some of the highest self esteem you can have without being a conceded bitch. I love this site because it takes balls to show your body online (especially bbws). Now imagine what you need to show your body in real life. So most slutty women already know what they want and have no time for a sniveling little punk.

So to sum up. Women are human, with differences, talk to them as such. They don’t carry signs, so you have to get to know them. Discreetly and respectfully talk to them about sex. If you find one, great. If not, move on. If that’s all you want, it’s a numbers game. Prostitutes: sex=business. Sluts: sex=personal. Being a slutty woman is determined by that woman. NOT by any other man, woman or clothing style.

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