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Anonymous asked:

Mann.. I used to like your blog. You're posting some nasty looking women lately. Fucking ew

This question hit a nerve. I hate complainers and I especially hate complainers that have done nothing to contribute. That is my second greatest pet peeve, next to people that think they are better than other people (see: do you know who I am). Fuck them and fuck you too anon.

First and foremost this is my blog. You said it yourself. I post what I want, why i want, when I want. I do not post for you. I do not need, or require your approval of my posts, nor do I want it.

Second. I’ve said this from the very beginning; this blog is about real women. Who are not photoshopped fakes. Not women that have a team of makeup and hair professionals plus filtered lighting to make them look like what some company executive thinks beauty is. I want celebrate everyday women. Women that you see that you see at work and school. Women that you wake up next to and smile. Women that for reasons beyond my comprehension listen to people like you and hate themselves. Often times passing up opportunities in life and love because of it. Your “ew” attitude is exactly what I don’t want here. So you and anyone like you can fuck off. That followers number means nothing to me. Because….

Third. Have you done anything to support this site? Did you pay my internet bill this month? What about my electric bill? Did you visit any sponsors that keep tumblr up and running? Well what about submit a picture of your wife or lady to the site? No. What about even something as little as appreciate the balls of these women that put themselves out here for the world, knowing that it’s filled with assess like you? Have you ever done anything half as brave? I suspect the answer to all those questions is a NO. I suspect you just come here to look at tities all day. Which is fine for an eighteen year old. But if you’re older than that go away, get some maturity then it’ll be a pleasure to welcome you back to my tumblr page.

rocky2k5 asked:

What do you think of my wife's big fat ass?

If your wife were walking past me, not only am i looking but that ass deserves a second full body turn around stare. And you get to watch it juggle free from the constraints of clothes…..

What do you guys think

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