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birthday…. Birthday…. BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. And various dogs with blogs. The tenth day of the tenth month marks my thirty fifth year on this planet. (half way to dirty old man status) And I am asking for some bday love from my followers. Send a shout out. Send a message. Send a picture. Send some well wishes. Send a smoke signal.

So hit that ASK button. 

SUBMIT something nice.

EMAIL me something good.

FANMAIL me some fanmail. idk

In the past several people have stated that they would rather not have it known that they follow this blog, so all submissions will be kept private. Again NO BIRTHDAY WISHES WILL BE POSTED. so go wild. its for my eyes only and make sure you mention my BIRTHDAY so it won’t get posted. I can’t wait to see what I get!!!

Oh yea… Libras rule

The Scales for life.

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